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Welcome to Versailles
Lenaria's purest sect of Elegance, Grace, and Lethality

Pacte de Versailles

I hope that everyone here will find that within this guild they are treated with honor and respect,
and will treat others with the same graceful poise in which we pride ourselves on.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone knows that he or she who bears the name Versailles
will indefinately be the one who carries with them, the very face of this guild.
Know this truth, and hold it dear to yourself as you explore the world of Aika, for any company
is only as strong as it's weakest link.

I for one, will not tolerate such tasteless weakness as:
Killing players of Lenaria or allied nations, for whatever reason,
Acting as though one had been raised by a furry creature from underneath a bridge(trolling),
Acting in such a way that it displays a lack of tactfulness and grace,
and using such brutish and vile methods of acquiring wealth, such as scamming/stealing.

Systeme de Classement

As a member of Versailles, each person shall be adopting the theory of Mis en Place which is the philosophy of having everything in it's proper place. The very same will be seen in the way in which members of Versailles will be placed and classified. The classifications of the ranks within the guild are as follows:

Rank 1. Membres; Will have the ability to see the supplies within the warehouse, yet will be unable to take further action beyond that point.

Rank 2. Militaires; Will have the ability to view supplies within the warehouse, and will also be able to invite new members to Versailles. To achieve the status of Militaire, one must acquire a total of 10,000 guild points.

Rank 3. Consulaires; Will retain the ability to view the warehouse, and further, now have the power use it freely. They will retain the ability to invite members, gain the ability to use guild skills, and will be chosen to attend the Council of Versailles. To achieve the status of Consulaire, one must acquire a total of 100,000 guild points, and must undergo a test to prove ones honor and trust.

Rank 4. Commandants; Will be given every power that is listed upon the permission window however, only a few will be given this great an honor. The achievement of this status will be determined entirely upon how one has helped to further the guild's goals, and how one has helped other members of the guild, and how one presents themself in-game. In short, to achieve Rank 4. one must achieve the ultimate form of elegance and grace, and one must display this act of honor, respect, trust, and nobility to all of Lenaria, even when myself or other commandants are not watching.

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